Digiotouch unveils its flagship Al product in Latitude59 in Tallinn, Estonia

Introducing Digiotouch AI

Generative Al powered automation tool for transcription, translation, and summary generation from conversations.

Never drown in meeting minutes and follow ups. Get GenAI powered high-accuracy transcripts and action items that capture every detail and key decisions. No more note-taking!

  • High-accuracy transcription within seconds.
  • Get action items delivered to your inbox automatically.
  • Easy-to-Use Dashboards: Find what you need, fast.
  • Confidentiality assured with advanced security and data protection.
  • Gen-AI powered search to find quick answers from your conversations.
  • Rapidly improve your team productivity and task management.
  • Perfect for industries handling sensitive information.
  • Integrates with your team's favourite apps and platforms.

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